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Our Mission Statement

Compassionate Care Advisors LLC is a multifaceted consulting firm specializing in the field of medicine. We are consultants leveraging technology for better medical practices and health care strategies. Our business understanding, ability to cultivate relationships, unique selling proposition, and studied sales approach make us leading marketers and consultants in the age of information and interconnectivity. Our commitment to medical technology and collaborative spirit in working with clinicians are ingrained with a resolute sense of compassion that puts us ahead of others in our field.

Compassionate Care Advisors utilizes savvy technology to bolster the performance of medical practices nationwide. With open minds, together we can close wounds, and start a new chapter in modern medicine.

Our Sales Strategy

Compassionate Care Advisors employs a consultative approach—based on extensive, data-driven research and progressive thinking—that is aligned with the goals of the client in order to achieve optimal results.

The first part of our overall sales strategy involves a few months of research and marketing. This incorporates situation analytics, including a comprehensive look at the client’s market size, segments, and growth rates; and a competitive analysis that studies the major players in the market, market shares, and the market’s strengths and weaknesses.

Another component of our research strategy involves an analysis of the environment wherein the client’s product will play out. Here, we focus on a number of trends variables in the market are affected by, including socio-cultural trends, political-legal trends, economic trends, and technological trends. This component also looks at buyer behavior, profile of consumers in the market, their wants and needs relative to the market.

Our marketing strategy includes high-impact advertising that will differentiate the products from competition and establish brand awareness with the public and the medical community, including our existing base of medical support. We also seek to expand our base by developing further medical partnerships and supporting clinical research into medical conditions and products in which our clients are involved.

In the Internet Age, a company’s online presence has become vital to their presence in the market, making social networking platforms weapons for marketing oneself or one’s company.
To help make a business relevant on the Internet, we will create our own press releases online, publish information videos on YouTube, devise promotional contests online, and develop
reputable websites for our clients.
In order to draw attention to these websites, we will make extensive use of search engine optimization (SEO), increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to our website through organic
search engine results. To remain relevant, we continuously research relevant keywords and phrases to sustain traffic to our websites. Search engine optimization is a six-month plan,
beginning with preliminary in-depth research and link-building efforts to fix a website during thefirst few months, capped off with a period of content marketing and periodic reviews of the site’s development.

Our social network marketing strategy also involves the engagement of early adopters, who are generally the original consumers that try the client’s product and are available to provide candid feedback for helping the client with future works. This is a part of our customer relationship management (CRM) practice, as we use strategies and technologies to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, with the goal of improving consumer service relationships and assisting in customer retention.